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Art and Culture of Singrauli
Singrauli is truly emerging as one of the most multi – cultural societies in Madhya Pradesh. Owing to its large industial presence it is home to people belonging to different other regions of the country. It its region steeped in culture and still emerging from the shadows of the yesteryear. The unique feature of this city is that while development has brought in many comforts and modern lifestyle choices, the people here still haven't lost touch with their cultural roots. Singrauli is an importance city the state of Madhya Pradesh from an economic point of view. It is the single largest contributor to the energy requirement of the country and this development is of recent origin. For majority of the known history of Singrauli, it was a region nestled in the midst of forests – a land lost in time. It is for this very reason that the inflow of modern cosmopolitan culture hasn't entrenched itself into the cultural ethos of Singrauli.

Languages of Singrauli

The most prominent and widely spoken language in the region is the national language ie Hindi. Apart from this, the traditionl inhabitants of the region also speak other languages like Bagheli and Bhojpuri. Singrauli lies in the Baghelkhand region and the traditional inhabitants speak Bagheli, a language with a lexical similarity of 72 – 91% with Hindi. Bhojpuri, also spoken by some inhabitants has lexical similarity to Awadhi and Hindi and is traditionally written in Kaithi script. Owing to industrial development, English has taken a prominent role in in the region because of its universality and also to maintain uniformity in district administration among the various.

Religions in Singrauli

Singrauli belonged to the erstwhile princely state of Rewa, a Hindu state, owning to which Hinduism is the most prominent religion. Today, it is seen that people of various religions and ethnicities live in this bustling industrial city. The other important religions of the region are Sikhism, Islam, Buddhism etc. The most prominent religious place is the Jwalamukhi temple, Hanuman Temple, Semara Baba etc.

Festivals of Singrauli

While the prominent festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Holi, etc. Are celebrated with aplomb across the country and also in Singrauli, there are some festivals very famous in this industrial region of Madhya Pradesh.

Vishwakarma Pooja

Being an industrial town, Vishwakarma pooja is celebrated with much fanfare in Singrauli. Vishwakarma, an India God is known as the divine architect with mastery over laws of mechanics and architecture. This festival is primarily celebrated in the industries to honour the divine engineer and invoke his blessings for smooth functioning of the factories

Folk Music and Dance forms in Singrauli

Being a region, which was inhabited mostly by various tribes the folk music and folk dances find a prominent place in the culture of Singrauli. Semi – historical songs devoted to Hardaul and other deities dominate the folk music of the region. During the rainy season, Pai songs are sung in accompaniment with the Saira dance form. Other dance forms link Charkula, Jawara, Matki dance, Phulpati dance etc are also the prevalent dance forms. The most prominent musician in Indian history, Tansen was born here and startrd his early musical career from here before moving to Akbar' court.

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