About District

Singrauli is the 50th district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which was formed on 24th May 2008 by division of Sidhi district, which covers a region comprising of the eastern part of the Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh and the adjoining region in Sonebhadra district in Uttar Pradesh. Historically Singrauli belonged to the princely state of Rewa, a part of the Baghelkhand region.It is rich in natural and mineral resources, covered with dense forests and inhospitable terrain in ancient times. Due to abundance of mineral resources and Power Plants this region is also called Urjanchal.

At Mada which is 32 km from waidhan district Headquarter you can find artistically carved Rock cut caves dating back to 7 – 8th century A.D. Famous caves include Ganesh Mada, Vivah Mada, Shankar mada, jaljalia and Ravan Mada. These caves are beautiful examples of rock cut architecture.