Yuva Swabhiman Scheme

Date : 15/01/2019 - 01/01/2024 | Sector: Government

Under this scheme, unemployed youth of the age group of 21-30 years of age in the urban bodies of the state have to be provided 100 days employment in one year and to provide skill training in such areas as per their interest, in future They can get permanent employment. Annual income should be less than Rs. 2.00 lakhs from all the family sources for eligibility in the scheme.

Scheme format and implementation

  • Under the scheme, eligible youth will be provided temporary employment for 100 days in a year, Rs 4,000 /-per month on Stipend in urban bodies.
  • For implementation of the scheme, the concerned urban bodies (such as municipal corporation, municipality, city council) will act as nodal agency.
  • During the registration in the urban body, two types of alternatives will be substituted by each eligible youth (i) Options for work from the works marked by the body, such as recovery of property tax, recovery of water tax, survey of property tax, labor in construction work Work as (ii) Selection of the field of skill training for those who are interested in making a career.
  • In the first 10 days the work will be assigned to the eligible young man / woman, training will be done by the body for smooth functioning and in the next 90 days the work will be done by the young man / woman.
  • In addition to the working hours, in the hours of morning or evening, training will be provided for skill development in the selected area, for which the nodal department will be Skill Development Department.
  • Payment of work done will be done in the bank account of the young man / woman at the end of each month, by the value of the Stipend every month, Rs. 4,000 / -. If the duration of the work is less than one month then the payment will be done at a nominal rate.

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How To Apply

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